Spring, Summer and Fall League Rules & Information


Normal high school rules with the following exceptions:


  • 10 Minute Quarters running clock. Stop clock the last 1-minute first half and the last 2-minutes of the game.
  • The clock will not stop if there is a 20 point or more lead at the 2-minute mark.
  • 2 timeouts per half - They do not carry over.
  • 3-minute warm-up between games.
  • Overtime is 2 minutes (first minute running clock, last minute stop clock)—one 30-second timeout only in first overtime with no carryovers. 2nd overtime is 1 minute (stop clock) with no timeout. 3rd overtime is sudden death (first team to score wins).
  • Foul Shots – will be awarded in the following manner: In all cases, only 1 free throw will be shot. A player fouled on a 2pt. shooting attempt will be awarded one free throw that will count as 2 points if made. A player fouled on a 3pt. shooting attempt will be awarded one free throw that will count as 3 points if made. A player fouled on a made basket will shoot one free throw for one point.
  • A team reaches the bonus on the 10th team foul of each half. Once in the bonus, one free throw will be awarded that will count as 2 points if made.
  • Individual player fouls will not be kept. Players cannot foul out. If a player is excessively fouling, the officials have the right to request a sub for that player.
  • Technical foul results in 2 points and possession for the other team.
  • 6th grade boys divisions and lower will use 28.5” ball. All others use regular size ball.
  • The League Directors will have the final say regarding any disputes. This league is for the kids let’s always keep that in mind.
  • Each team should supply a scorekeeper and mutually determine one scorekeeper for the clock and the other to record team fouls and timeouts. Score sheets will be at the gym and should be left at the scorer’s table after the game. Teams are encouraged to have a parent or coach assign scorekeepers in advance of the games.
  • In the 3rd Grade Division 2, no full court press is allowed until the final minute. Press is allowed in all other divisions. We don't have a specific no press rule based on score for all other divisions but please use good sportsmanship and note that the officials do have the right to ask a coach to stop pressing.
  • Teams should report their results to sbalassi@me.com after each game.